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Benny and the Team,

We are very pleased to the service that your provided. The experience to witness the beauty of the bird of paradise is exclusive. We enjoyed the time to watch the birds and take photo of the bird as well.

Your team is very helpful & professional, we could like to thanks winet for spotting the birds and helping the elderly in our team. Their help in carrying to heavy camera equipment make them able to climb up the hill to see the birds. Franks is also very helpful in checking if the Wilson BOP is coming back to the site all time, please express our great gratitude to him in preserving the area.

One suggestion for future visitors is to limit the no of people stay in the tent as the no of window may not be enough for everyone get inside the tent.

The hot food that the chef cook on the spot is also amazing (better than the food in the hotel). Thanks so much.

Some constructive feedback to your future tour the Red Bop is really high, you may want to remind the visitor to bring binocular along so that they can spot the birds as well. For photography tour, it is hard to take the photo from bottom, do explore it any site that possible to view the birds for a different angle.

Thanks again for all the arrangement to make the trip a safe & comfortable trip, we will never forget the excitement of seeing the BOP.

Wish you and the team be successful in future tours.

Winky . K.M. Chan Lin

(From Hongkong) – 1 June 2015