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Day 01 : Makasar – Ambon

After arrival at Airport Ambon, direct transfer to latuhalat village for check-in at Collin Beach

Hotel for dinner overnight. (d)


Day 02: Soya-Sirimau Soft Trekking Tour

Breakfast at Collin Sea View Restaurant

Live Hotel by car to soya village, stop at traditional meeting place, contunue the trip by trop

Tropical plantation with clove, nutmeg,durians, and coconut still growing

To beautify this village. The starting point to climbing though the path and jungle lead  You to top of the mountain. Here you will see the sacred old Urn its never empty during Yearly. Down the trip passes by same route up and down to Naku  forest.

Taking car to Naku  village visit old house of head village. Descended to Naku white sandy Beach for swim and sunbanthing. Lunch will be serve on the beach. Join the speed bout crossing by Banda sea going back Collin Beach Hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 03: Ambon- Amahay-Saleman- Saway Tour

  • Breakfast at Collin Sea View Restaurant.
  • Depart Hotel by car to Hurnala harbor situated on the nort coast of  Ambon island
  • join the fast  boat passing Haruku and Saparua island to Amahay harbor located on south             part of Seram island.
  • Head up to Masohi town for getting lunch at simpe Restaurant.
  • Proceed by car thuorgh the jungle, up and down to Saleman village situated on the North            coast of Seram island.
  • Taking the longboat  30 minutes vilagge for check in at Lisar Bahari guest House .
  • Free program.
  • Dinner and overnight.


Day 04: Saway and Masihulang jungle Tour

  • Breakfest at open air cafe
  • Walk throughout in the village for soft trekking  by big trees and tropical forest for Enjoying
  • The natural shrup with merantis, gopasa, iron wood and other plantis, trees Still
  • Standing on the forest down the hiil to Masihulang village.
  • Taking by on foot by cloves, nutmeg,sago trees to birds watching area where you wiil see the birds ……
  • Lunch will be serve en route
  • Back by same route to the mangrove forest, then take the longboat to Guesthouse.
  • Continuing to Batususun for snorkeling in the beautiful sea garden.
  • Back to Guesthouse late in the afternoon for afternoon tea.
  • Dinner and overnight.


Day 05: Salaway River and Tetiapi Tour

  • Breakfast
  • Take the  longboat to Salaway river where you will see the manggrove,sago and endemic
  • Birds along the trip, while a short stop to sago trees becoming sago powder in traditional Way.
  • Head up thorugh the sago jungle to the waterwall situated on the head of salaway river.
  • Back to traditional roof tent for rest. Lunch will  be serve at the tent.
  • A shot walk for observe the forest  and enjoying the birds voices at the forest.
  • Dinner and overnight at  the tent. (Tent make from sago touch roof and wooden, this Build
  • Still open air withuot electricity and mattress,only candle or lantern) After wake up,walk
  • Though the jungle forest photograph
  • Back to tent for breakfest
  • Leave tent by wlking in the jungle to the street,photo stop on the way along the trip.
  • Ride the motor cylcle to Liser Bahari guesthuose for dinner and overnight.


Day 06: Ora Beach and Pulau Tuju Tour

  • Breakfast
  • Crossing by longbout in 60 minutes to PulauTuju,located on the nort coast of Saway village
  • Free time for snorkling, swimming and sunbanthing on the white sandy beach
  • Barbeque lunch will be serve on the beach.
  • Traditional drinks will be serve during relaxing time.
  • Back to guesthouse late in the afternoon.
  • Dinner and overnight.


Day 07: Saleman Caves Tour

  • Breakfast
  • Takes the longbouat to Ora beach located at the west prt of Saway village.
  • Here you have plenty time for swim, snorkling, sunbanthing over the with sandy beach to Air
  • Belanda beach.Lunch will be serve at the beach.
  • Free time after lunch and waiting until six o’clock pm starting to Saleman village for looking
  • The flying fox coming out from the caves from 06.30 pm till 07.30 pm.
  • Back to Liser Bahari guesthouse for dinner and overnight.
  • Ora beach is unpopulated remonteness place its en ideal for camping, swimming,Ssorkling
  • In the long white sandy beach with limestone as a backround. That place is offer for very
  • Beautiful panorama,sunset and open sea landscape.
  • There is available accommodation, five cottage, one house with there rooms inside located
  • On the water and five rooms beach front. This place named THE ORA ECO RESORT.


Day 08: Hoaulu- Roho Tour ( soft trekking tour)


Depert Saway village by car during one hour to Hoaulu village who are a native people From Seram island. Here you will see their traditional life, traditional build make from roof and sago leave ( gabagaba) and daily Bandana ret wearing.That place is starting point for soft trekking to Roho village. Lunch will be serve en route.Hoaulu people are animism.

The trek wiil begin by tropical vegetation along the trip through out up and area to Roho  Village. Overnight at villager house.


Day 09: Roho-Kanike village Tour

After wakeup, get the simple breakfast Continue the trip by traditional route and you can see abundance tropical and seramese big Trees, endemic birds with the over plenty trees grow up along the river bank lead to kanike Village. Lunch on the way.


Day 10: Kinike-Roho –Tour

  • Breakfast
  • Leave Kanike to Roho village by same route
  • Lunch and dinner will be serve at the Roho village house.


DAY 11: Roho-Hoaulu-Saway Tour

  • Breakfast
  • Down the trip by tradiotoinal route through the jungle to Hoaulu for lunch.
  • Descended the place by walking to the Alakama forest and the car stand by for take it Returning to Saway village for dinner and ovarnight at Liser Bahari guesthouse.


Day 12; Saway- Ambon

  • Breakfast
  • Leave Saway by longboat Saleman village then join the car to Masohi for get lunch
  • Heading to Amahay seaport in the afternoon for voyage for fastboat return Ambon island
  • Continue to Latuhalat village for dinner and overnight at Collin Beach Hotel.
  • Free program


Day 13; Ambon- Tual Tour

  • Breakfast at Collin Sea View Restaurant
  • Depart Hotel by car to Pattimura Airport for filght to Tual.
  • Arrive at Dumatubun Airport and transfer to Coaster cottage
  • Free program
  • Dinner and overnight.


Day 14; Ngurble Beach Tour

  • Breakfast at the Restaurant
  • Vesit executed area with 42 graves of Dutch missionaries killed by japanese Soldiers at Langgur Beach.
  • Continue to Ohoidertawun village visit the sacred luat cave apart of the stone wall Is inscribed with strenght writing.
  • Heading to Masbait hill visit jesus statue on the top of the hill with beautiful panorama
  • Proceed to Ngurbloat beachfor swimming and relaxing also enjoy beautiful sunset
  • Lunch will be serve at the beach.
  • Back to your guesthouse for dinner and overnight


Day 15: Free program


Day 16 :free program


Day 17 ;Tual – Ambon – Collin Beach Hotel

  • Breakfast at the Restaurant
  • Leave Hotel by car to Dumatubun Airport for flight back to Ambon island
  • To Colin Beach Hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 18: Ambon on deperture

  • Breakfast at Collin Sea View Restaurant
  • Talking the car to Pattimura Airport for your next destination.