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Tour code : Disc-Raja 4 : 002

Tour code : Disc-Raja 4 : 002
Duration : 6D/5N Explore Wai, Mansuar and Gam Island package Tour.
Grade: Moderate
Start/End: Sorong Airport

Day 1 - Arrival Sorong. Depart from Sorong to Wai island, this is a small island in Dampier strait. Checkout dive and camping out in Wai island beach.
Diving : Dive 1 - check out dive Giant Clam Reef

Day 2 - Exploring Wai island, located between Waigeo and Batanta island, this island is about 1 mile in diameter and have rich corals growth in its surroundings. Also there are 3 aircraft wreck which we can dive and explore. After exploring and diving around this island, we depart to Mansuar island at noon. Another dive in the afternoon at Manta Point. This is a cleaning station for the Mantas, you dive very close with this creature at this spot. Camping out in Mansuar beach.
Diving : Dive 2 - P47D Aircraft Wreck, Dive 3 - West Mansuar Reef, Dive 4 - Manta Point, Night Dive - option

Day 3 - Explore the southern coast of Gam island. These spots is well known for it mangroves reefs, you can dive and snorkel in this mangroves reefs with crystal clear water. Visiting local traditional villages and spotting the bird of paradise is an option we do in the morning and afternoon activities. Explore and dive 3 spot around the island,and return to Mansuar island in the afternoon. Camping out in Mansuar beach.
Diving : Dive 5 - Hidden Bay, Dive 6 - Cape Yenbraimuk, Dive 7 - Jelly Fish Bay, Night Dive - option.

Day 4 - Explore the northern strait of Mansuar island. These strait host some of the best of Raja Ampat best dive sites. DR. Jerry Allen (ichtyologist) broke his record in a single dive fish count on this strait. Explore and dive 3 spots around the island, and in the afternoon departing to Mios Kon island. Camping out in Mios Kon beach.
Diving : Dive 5 - Mike's Point, Dive 6 - Cape Kri, Dive 7 - Sardines Reef, Night Dive - option

Day 5 - Exploring northern Gam bay island. Diving in the Passage, this is a 30 metres wide channel which is separating Gam and Waigeo islands. Typical for its forrest reefs, these islands also have a nice scenic for excursion. We dive and explore 3 dive spot around this area. Visiting local traditional villages and return to Mios Kon islandin the afternoon. Camping out in Mios Kon beach.
Diving : Dive 11 - The Passage, Dive 12 - Nudybranch Rock, Dive 13 - Batu Lima Rocks, Night Dive - option.

Day 6 - Explore Mios Kon reefs, our campsite island reefs. A slope ranging from 1 - 30 meters with abundant coral growth, these reefs has become house for many different kinds of fish. Explore and dive 2 spots, depart to Sorong at noon.
Diving : Dive 14 - Mios Kon North Reefs, Dive 15 - Mios Kon South Reefs.

1 Day (Extra Day / Saturdays) - Easy trekking to the waterfall and traditional village, or you can enjoy and relax on the island as you please.
Going back to Sorong.

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